September 17, 2008

Gut feel

The other day I left my desk for a few minutes and when I got back, my phone has two missed calls and a text message.

It was from my sister. I initially suspected something urgent -- for her to call me twice within barely five minutes was a bit unusual.

Her text message, however, contained her usual "Hi! How are you? How's Joan? Ingat lagi..." and so on.

I got another miscall from her while I was traveling home, and finally got to talk to her when I was about to sleep.

She had a rather disturbing dream about me, she said, and was just checking on how I am doing. No amount of prodding, however, could make her tell me exactly what she dreamed about.

Yesterday, I got another miscall from her. But no text message, and no follow-up calls.

She is making me nervous.


Have you ever felt that weird sensation where the world around you, or the cosmos-whatever, has conspired to let you in on something, and you just can't figure out what it is?

My sister's calls -- as well as the other small, seemingly random and idle signs here and there within the past month -- seem to sum up to a bigger picture.

Either I'm not good with reading the signs, or I'm too scared to see what they really are.


cath said...

nakaka-praning pala yung sister mo. hahahaha!! ang mysterious..

Leo said...

Sinabi mo pa. Ü Ang nakakatakot dyan ay usually tama ang mga kutob nya. Hoooboy.