May 20, 2004


wala lang akong masabi...
the incumbent president is winning ( insurance, anyone?), the actor has declared himself winner (my goodness!), the policeman is quiet (he's got nothing to lose), the former education secretary conceded (people don't like candidates who pick on other candidates), and the televangelist is crying foul (he did well, and he could probably win the next presidential election)... the large number of deaths due to election-related violence... and, of course, eddie gil.
until COMELEC declares the winners, the fanfare continues.
the philippine national elections last may 10 is expected to be concluded by may 23, and the country's greatest exercise of democracy, as always, felt to me like a choice of lesser evils and a game of dirty tricks and politicking -- a dead end for all who hope for genuine change (naks!)
it's my third time to monitor the elections, and still it amazes me. ah, democrazy!
sigh... in the end i believe that as a nation, we deserve the president we get, and we will always move on no matter what. at times when there's no where else for us to go, we smile and look up, pray -- and fight.

May 19, 2004

burned out

people in the office are silently screaming for rest and recreation. the last one we had was in 2001, after succesfully implementing the exit poll during the national election. the recent may 10 exit poll may not have been as hellish as i expected, but still people deserve a break.
but i fear no rest and recreation (or compensation) is coming our way...
i have been working in this institution for 8 years, and i've seen people come and go. i know the telltale signs of burn out, which somehow lead to massive resignation.
i see those signs now...


i used to speak in riddles, for they conceal as well as reveal. it has kept my sanity intact in this insane world, and shielded me from the many realities that i cannot and, perhaps, will never understand in this lifetime.

very few can see through me... as for the rest of you, i will try to tell sans the riddles.