December 31, 2012

Cheers to 2012!

Part of my task as the "communications guy" at the office is to put together the annual year-in-survey review -- Philippine history as seen through public opinion surveys. But just this once I'll try a quick review of what my year has been.


I haven't been moving around much. Hongkong and Macau were the only places abroad I've been to this year. I've let so many opportunities for foreign conferences pass by, only because I was too lazy to write a paper. Hopefully I come up with something for a chance to attend some conferences scheduled next year in abroad.

My domestic travels were just as dismal. Ninety percent of my work no longer require me to do fieldwork. It was only due to sheer lack of field staff that the office was forced to send me to Davao Oriental. It was a great deal, though -- it was so nice returning to that place.

But making up for everything was my first-time visit to Tabaco, Albay. I never realized Mayon Volcano, up close, could be so... mesmerizing. To see it for the first time was magical.


Four years ago, the doctor at San Benito Farm (The Farm) in Lipa City found my blood cells to be tightly packed and irregularly clustered, indicating my poor state of health.

Early this December, Joan and I went back to The Farm to celebrate her birthday. It was good to see my blood cells looking and acting more normally than before.

But this year has presented us with bigger challenges -- the soothsayer at the A-Ma Temple in Macau was very clear about this. Next year would definitely see us at full-scale effort to address this.


This year we lost a dear colleague and friend, Anna Krista P. Molina. It was sudden and unexpected, but in the end we content ourselves to believing that there is a reason for everything. Instead of questioning, we remember the wonderful ways she has touched our lives.

And for all out there who have touched my life in any way -- friends old and new, friends from long-gone past, and friends from other realms -- know that I am grateful you are there.


Uhm still there, and still loving it. ^^ But it's time to leave a sort of bigger legacy next year.


I'm thankful for the blessings life has kindly given everyone in my family. There had been many challenges, but we managed to cope despite the distance. Tonight, new year will find me away from my wife, again. But throughout the year I'm blessed to go home to the person I dreamed to be with in the years passed and years to come.

Happy New Year! ^^