January 17, 2013

More talks on poverty

Just monitoring the news.

Anyway, it wasn't shown in this news clip below (which begins somewhere around 32:00 in the video below), but I think I mentioned that a declining hunger (Question: Nakaranas ba kayo ng gutom at walang makain nitong nakaraang tatlong buwan?) among families despite rising self-rated poverty (Question: Saan po ninyo ilalagay ang inyong pamilya sa card na ito [show card with words MAHIRAP and HINDI MAHIRAP; the space/line between the two words is also an option]) is an indication of effective hunger mitigation or containment efforts on the part of the government, considering the number of natural calamities experienced by the country before the survey.

January 15, 2013

Most unusual

The December 28 phone interview by Solar Network News (at around 09:30 in this video below) caught me not only while on my full-vacation mode, but also between the living room and dining area of my in-laws' home in Roxas City, Capiz -- where the phone signal (via landline) is most decent.

January 13, 2013


My 2012-in-review completely forgot to mention Sting's "Back to Bass" concert on December 9, 2012 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Sting would probably be the only guy I called sexy, with the way he move on stage and caress his bass guitar as he sings the songs wifey and I so love.


It's not everyday that I get to see something amazing.

It could be cerulean skies. Or rainbows above a gloomy city skyline. Or the Mayon Volcano. Or Sting. Or acts of kindness in the most unexpected places. Or (another fezbuk moment here) pure talents in the most ordinary places.

Cheers to all that's amazing. And cheers to those who make it happen. ^^