January 28, 2012


Thoughts captured in my laptop while I was in our old house in Aklan -- where big, colorful geckos are easier to find than an internet connection. Overdue for posting. ^^

31 December 2011, 6 pm: A few more hours and I will again be dancing the Rigodon de Honor at the town square with my mother.

And again I welcome the New Year with my wife some 50+ kilometers away as she celebrates it with her parents. It has been like this for Joan and I in two out of five New Years we had as a couple.

Anyway, I’m happy to dance with my mother this year as this will be her first time to dance as a retired DepEd Schools Division Superintendent.

She has completed a major phase in life with flying colors, and I’ll be darned if she misses this year’s biggest dance just because none of her two sons can be her partner for just one night.

And I can tell how much she’s been looking forward for this night.

It’s taking all her will to be at tonight’s dance -- a few days ago she injured her back during a ceremony in Cadiz City, and she can barely stand.

What makes this dance so special?

Mommy has made it her tradition to represent my late grandfather, who was Father of the Year 1975.

More than half of the dance participants are not the Fathers themselves, but their children and/or grandchildren who made it their tradition to keep their respective families visible in the town's biggest dance.

So as long as Mommy can walk and keep up with the rhythm, and one of her sons is available to be her partner, this is her tradition. ^^

I just hope that that not-so-traditional hilot (one who uses a copper rod that releases electricity!) gave her enough relief from back pains to last her the night.

Update: Mommy danced the Rigodon wonderfully, thank goodness. However, she had to turn down all other dance requests to save her back. ^^


Just last Christmas eve Joan and I were with good friends to share Noche Buena.

I can't remember the last time I had a wonderful time on Christmas eve. Thanks to Cez, her hubby Yodz, her mom, her sis, and her sis' boyfriend for being such great hosts.

And for that super sarap handa. Yum!

Traditions. Some are really worth keeping. ^^