October 31, 2010

PW's Tideborne

After a year of waiting, Level Up! Games unveiled last July the new race in Perfect World -- the Tideborne. On July 24, I created my Wu Shih (Sorcerer).

The Wu Shih (WS) is everything I hoped for -- with the right build, this class is designed to be the ultimate weapon against the Soulless. Playing one has given me a refreshing break from my Yu Ling (Priest) -- I'm loving the firepower!

For a brief period after the Tideborne patch, the game client had a minor glitch that allowed players to log-on multiple accounts at once (it still can be done, but let's not go there haha). So for a while, my Yu Ling (YL) watched over my WS like a big brother.

But as always, real life takes precedence, and I had to revert back to my so-not-hardcore gaming habits when my WS reached 50+. My primary motivation is still to bring my YL to level 89, and get that first fairy (Sublime or Diabolic, I still can't decide).

October 25, 2010

The SWS-TAF friendship games

The Asia Foundation (TAF) has been mother station's longest institutional partner, going way back in 1980's when TAF gave SWS its first grant.

In my career in social research, my most memorable and fulfilling projects had been with them.

After so many years working with TAF, it was good to see them -- for the first time -- in their sports attire, talk about something else aside from projects, and engage them in a friendly competition last Saturday at the Timberland Nature and Sports Club in San Mateo, Rizal.

TAF did well in the 3-on-3 basketball, free-throw and 3-point shootout, volleyball, and three-to-five-legged race, while SWS excelled in cheering competition, billiards, "going to market", tug-of-war, wall climbing, and pool relay.

By evening, we all shared that love for wine, beer, and videoke (and Glee! Haha!).

Cheers, TAF!

(Photo credits to Mae L.)


I know I can swim since elementary days, and I have taken 4 units of swimming as PE. But it was only last Saturday when I was finally comfortable calling myself a swimmer.

I can swim fast. And if I practice and polish my techniques some more, I can go really fast and far.

But I'll leave it at just "fast" for now. It's nice to know I'm good at something.

And I was reminded how important it is to stay fit and healthy.

October 17, 2010

Naruto weekend

It's a Naruto marathon weekend for me and Joan.

I'm not a die-hard fan, but there will come a time when I must watch the series again in their undubbed, subtitled version. It's a different experience hearing the emotions in the original voices.

And my wife agree that that time is now.


And because of Naruto, I totally forgot about the scheduled Territorial War in Perfect World.

Congratulations, Sanctius, new ruler of Great Wall, Dragon server!

October 06, 2010


We've seen something like this before -- a president with enough social capital that even a string of major and minor blunders could not spoil the honeymoon moment.

That, or we are simply too patient and forgiving, if not forgetful.

We'll see.

I just hope he puts all that precious social capital to good use.

Note for the news clip below: "satisfied" is "nasisiyahan", not "kuntento". Also, my family name is Laroza. Rando is my second name. ^^



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