October 08, 2004

one figure

one figure...

it takes just one figure to remind the government of the severity of poverty that ails this country.


The Social Weather Survey for the Third Quarter of 2004 found a near-record-high 15.1% of household heads reporting that their families had experienced hunger, without having anything to eat, at least once in the last 3 months -- the second-highest national proportion since SWS began surveying it in 1998, after the record 16.1% in March 2001. (source: http://www.sws.org.ph)

the moment it was released, media scrambled to give this number a human face: vagrants that litter the city street, footages of families cooking and sharing food gathered from garbages...

government scrambled, too, to patch up the problem: food coupons for those with nothing to eat...

the solution is not lasting, but this is what gives meaning to all that i believe in: research... so we may see, feel, and understand the social conditions.

one figure...

enough numbers. how about showbiz?

my personal favorite starstruck ultimate survivor Jenelyn Mercado showed me what it really means to be a public figure -- nothing can stay private. eventually people will find out about her past, and she made a very wise move to tell the people about it way ahead of everyone else.

here's to you. *raise mug of coffee* you're a true survivor.

October 05, 2004

of luck, mooncakes, and cinnamon

the office will hold its annual mooncake festival this afternoon. i still haven't won grand prize -- that gigantic hopia called chong wan (?) -- after *ubouboubo* years. maybe my luck doesn't include rolling of dice -- just as i am with any form of gambling (i play some card games and can actually win, but somehow when there's money involved, i would either lose or break even). my luck with small time raffles is average, i guess. let's see... within *ubouboubo* years, i've won a washing machine, a second-hand computer, two oven toasters, two electric fans...
oh well, that's just luck. it's life's blessings that i'm always thankful for.
last weekend, my housemate showed me that a little cinnamon powder can jazz up your ice-cold milo drink, and it's also an alternative to salt when you lick-shoot-and-suck tequila. lip-smacking good!! XD


i haven't read any of its reviews -- i just know that Resident Evil: Apocalypse takes off where Resident Evil left. i entered the cinema with no expectations at all, except to see Mila J. kick zombie ass again.

the surprise was delightfully mind-blowing!

the idea of putting in more in-game characters in the movie was already brilliant, but getting the right people to play the part is a colossal feat. whoever drafted Siena Guillory as Jill Valentine is a genius. she is awesome! -- with just the right blend of being nice and nasty. Resident Evil: Apocalypse really satiated the Jill-fan in me, and finally convinced me to add RE in my "must-haves" list of movie collection.

i have to review my copy of Ludlum's Bourne series. i was expecting Bourne Supremacy to set the stage for the showdown between Bourne and the legendary hitman The Jackal, and also introduce Bourne to his future wife-doctor, who plays an important part in the last book, The Bourne Ultimatum. the movie gave very little attention to Bourne's headaches as well (in the book the headaches were more incessant and almost debilitating). oh well, i guess my memory is failing me and had this all mixed up with the rest of the Bourne novels.

anyway, enough movies. got my bicycle last sunday. i'm calling it Red (the body name is Vortex Montana, but it's the color that made the first impression on me). it's been a while since i last rode a bicycle (ugh! painful on the butt). sigh... i hope UP admin still hasn't converted that piece of grassy land behind UP math building into a parking lot or something.

October 01, 2004

Godspeed, Major!

it's been a blast working with you, Major, and we wish you success in all your future endeavors!

Major with the gang at the end of his last working day at SWS (l-r: mear, vlad, mike, lynn, penn, me, major, and mae) he won't let go of the blue pillow -- a gift from our friend Rain (hi Rain!). ^_^