September 15, 2010

Salads and mushrooms

A good weather on a long weekend with no pressing errands would usually mean a little road and food trip, so off to Tagaytay we went last Sunday.

Our objective was to have a healthy and relaxing day, and Sonya's Garden was just the place for it. A hearty lunch of healthy salad, pasta, and salmon, -- followed by an hour-long body massage -- took care of the stress I accumulated for the month of August.

Of course, the trip home wouldn't be complete without Sonya's freshly-baked delights, and a pitstop at Mushroom Burger. Yum!

September 04, 2010

Trenta y cinco

The birthday greetings started arriving two days ahead, and ended four days after. I don't remember ever celebrating my birthday that long.

And it's been a while since I last celebrated it outside of office-related festivity -- my birthday usually falls within the same date of mother station's annual general assembly.

Turning 35 is another personal milestone, and calls for nothing less than an all-out inuman and singing session haha!

The original Pork Barrel gang of 2009 were there: Anne, Mear, Micko, Mike, Liz, and Ramon. A few more guests completed the party: Anne's fiance Sergey, Ramon's wife Anna, and mother station's latest discoveries Eunice, Anna M., and Cherish.