October 21, 2005



That’s two workloads off my back. I’m not proud of the output, but when clients demand timely delivery, perfection is the last thing in my mind. However late as it is, I’m just relieved I kept my promise to have them delivered today.

I’m usually prompt with my outputs (yeah right ^ ^’ ). No, really. But there’s a certain kind of pressure when you know that a client was once your officemate, and a senior to boot.

It’s somewhat different when you know this person has been to every nook and cranny of what you’re doing now. There’s an urge to go for that thing called perfection, just so that person would stop complaining about mediocrity, and shut the talk about us needing to shape up and be world-class.

I’m all ears to whatever one has to say on how to improve our work, and we kill ourselves to be good at what we do.

But something just doesn’t feel right.

I plead guilty to my own incompetent ways, and as the saying goes, “the customer is always right.” However, when I get measured by a stick fashioned after someone else’s personal greatness, they can shove it up their *tooot*.

Tao lang... Nagkakamali rin...

But it’s done and over with. On to the next project.

October 19, 2005


... Two!!!

Never had I committed so many blunders in just one week. And to think that it's only mid-week.

I know exactly what my problems are, but somehow solving them seems like an entirely different ballgame.

I've been spread too thin, and now I'm fumbling desperately to focus.

I have three days...

October 14, 2005

Small world

One of the most respected and feared professors in my undergrad has been nominated to be Fellow of mother station. From my experience, anyone nominated to Fellowship is as good as elected.

Especially if it's the station President (aka Papa Bear) who made the nomination.


Don't get me wrong, though. I regard the professor as one of the best, despite the tearful tales from those who've tasted her methods. Many lives were changed by this professor.

Mine included.