October 28, 2006


Last night the night lamp in our living room burned unusually bright. It was so bright we didn't have to use the two other lamps to light up the rest of the apartment's first level.

This morning we found the lamp's bulb busted -- its glass burned black and broken.

Burned out...

"At least it went out in a blaze of glory," I told my wife, "now THAT's a great way to go."

The lowly bulb became the apartment's brightest star, even for just one night, leaving a legacy that earned it a few seconds of conversation over breakfast.

The same phenomenon happens in watch batteries. Their dying moments are usually heralded by the crazy speed of the watch's second hand.

It happens to people, too.

That yearning to stand out and shine, and to perform with unusual enthusiasm and efficiency, in an attempt to leave behind a legacy...

Before they go.

I believe that's the ideal scenario. It may be hard for most of us, and oftentimes it is exactly what's keeping us where we are despite years of planning to move on.

Here's praying that we all leave behind a legacy...

Before we go.

We may not be successful, but at least we tried.