July 11, 2005


Over the weekend I had a bout of my illness called immaturity (my faulty circuits had gone haywire again), and started questioning the inevitable.

I was once asked these questions, and failed miserably to give an answer. So now it’s my turn to ask: “Where does love go when couples grow old? What happens to the fresh flowers on weekends, the love notes neatly tucked between the pages of a good book, the serenades, the loving looks, and the gentle caresses in the middle of a morning rush or amid a busy street? Why do people have to change?”

Some answers came in swift and certain: life problems -- that's what takes away the novelty of it all. Some answers came in a slow burn: love transcends into another life, another form -- like the cheerful laughter of a child, or the hands that stroke your hair at the end of a tiring day, or the will to learn fine Thai cooking.

Ah don't mind me. My story will be different from those I grew up with. I question not the inevitable. Not anymore. Without change, there will be no butterflies.


Speaking of changes, had it not for FVR’s proposal for constitutional amendment, People Power would have pushed through. I’m not sure if I agree with him, and though I smell something fishy in his proposal, I find his arguments quite refreshing.


Finally, this past week...

My search for something to recycle led me to a dusty box that holds my first-ever computer. Out of curiosity, I replaced my existing modem with the old, massive modem that’s been stashed for years. Lo and behold! It worked like magic, and belted out sweet, speedy Kbps – faster than the newer one. Fast enough for some Ragnarok vending.

And pROSE online.

My “suking” internet cafe handed me an installer of Level Up’s latest online game. Since there are still very few players logging-in, I could play the game at home through dial-up connection and still enjoy its 3D graphics and gameplay seamlessly, without the lag or choppiness.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe fun! Two hours of playing and my Hawker (standing behind a female Soldier(?)) is halfway towards Raider-hood (edit: let me correct myself: my Hawker is miles away from Raider-hood. *sweat* I think I'll make a Battle Cleric instead.). The personal Quest log also gives the player more purpose and direction in life (reminds me of Blades and Swords and Legend of Mana). I love how the game reflects every piece of equipment accurately on the avatars, thus giving the players more options to be unique.

And, best of all, it’s still free. Plus the players are still the nice and polite humans (not the mindless bots infesting pRO). Damn!

Anyway, here's a more informative site about ROSE online.

Have a great week ahead, everyone.

July 08, 2005


Cory has spoken: GMA must resign. This exponentially stregthens the calls of the people in the streets for her resignation.

I wonder what Cardinal Sin would have done, had he still been alive?

The President's former cabinet members and economic managers have taken their stand as well: she must also step down.

I await FVR's take on this. As one of the prominent People Power personalities, his public pronouncement will ultimately add the final ingredient to the People Power recipe.

God bless this country.

July 06, 2005


I wish I could be happier when my mother told me that she is now acting as the top education official in our home province. Yes, I’m glad and so proud of her, but I couldn’t help but worry with the circumstances of her ascension.

Her superior was murdered, stabbed 92 times.

Ninety-two stab wounds, 15 of which were fatal... Good grief.

Here’s a cached copy of the Philippine Star July 1 news from the archives of Google (link). Though still uncertain, the latest news as of now is that local authorities believe one of the motives was political.

My prayers go out to my mother. Sigh.