April 09, 2009


Making bubbles is quite simple: just mix a soapy solution, then use a ring or tube to blow nice bubbles of different sizes.

As a kid, for me these bubbles were magic and happiness that live on till the last of them burst into nothingness.

When I learned that by mixing crushed gumamela leaves into the solution will extend the bubbles' lifespan twice or thrice longer than usual, I considered it nothing less than a miracle.

A little more time of happiness. A few more seconds of magic.

Thanks to a simple ingredient.


Not many are born into a life of magic. For most, everyday life can be uneventful, if not plain boring.

But every single one of us has ways of trying to make sense of this existence, to find meaning.

To find magic.

At times, we have to fight for it.

And just like bubbles, all will have to come to an end.

But with some effort and life's simple ingredients, we make it last.

Beyond nothingness.


I am officially saying goodbye to my Nikon Coolpix 2100, which accounts for over 90% of all the photos I've taken since 2004.

Last week I went hunting for my next camera, and thanks to Joan's proficiency with web browsing using her cellphone, she gave me crucial info for my last minute decision.

I now have a Sony Cyber-shot W170 in my bag.

The new camera came in just the right time. If I play my cards right, I'm up for a major travel a few months from now.

Wish me luck.