October 11, 2012


August and September went by so fast!

This election season is giving me very little room to breathe normally, much less write anything here.

So what's new at 37?

Let's see.

Over the past year, the most glaring change would be the exponential growth of my appetite, combined with a dwindling metabolism rate.

This lethal combination began during my visit in Davao last March. Apparently that two-week unli-rice spree left a lasting effect -- a chunk of blubber now has a death-grip of my gut, and it's not showing any sign of letting go.

Truth be told, I am not expecting this sort of bodily change. There is no evidence that my parents, and grandparents from both sides of the family, ever had issues with disproportionate mid-section.

And the effects are truly bothersome.

First, I had to overhaul my wardrobe. I used to just worry about getting the right trousers to address my non-existent butt. Now I also have to think about suppressing the bulky belly.

Second, I finally lost my battle against the office's curse -- the one that dooms everyone to gain weight the moment they become regular staffs.

I have been a regular staff for over ten years, and the last evidence that such curse can be defied. It was a good, long fight.

And finally, I get to post fewer and fewer photos on fezbuk. Curse ye, me big belly and double chin!

Anyway, the battle against the bulge is on!

Cheers to 37!