March 25, 2005


No sparkling white beaches. No glorious sun. No swimming nor diving in pristine blue waters...

But this year's Holy week gave back some of my small luxuries.


Tried and tested wisdom is hard to find these days. How long has it been since you had a good chat with a long-lost friend? Well, not really lost, but someone who's been away for the longest time? In these trying times and age (our age, that is *uboubo*) -- where turmoils, doubts, and disappointments ferment with amazing ease -- a talk with a good friend is a refreshing balm to your weary soul.


It's going to be just me and a good novel tonight. Ü


Holy Week indeed heralds hope in many forms.

Just weeks ago I gave up playing Philippine Ragnarok Online due to severe botter problems. I logged on yesterday, Maundy Thursday, to finish my remaining play time...

And surprise surpise! There's not a single botter in sight!

This delightful development proved me wrong: there is a solution to botting, however short-term it may be (let's face it, botters may be back in no time).

But Midgard without botters, even for just for a few days, is good enough for me.

And this reason enough to start playing again, although with lesser intensity.

There is hope.

A blessed Holy Week to all.

And Happy Easter!

March 14, 2005

left out

they say the workspace is a reflection of your mind. here's mine...
need i say more?

i wonder what happened to my parents when i was born? somehow, in my recent efforts to assemble my childhood records, i'm beginning to suspect that they suddenly suffered from temporary loss of IQ upon the birth of their youngest child.

last saturday i went to san rafael church to get my baptismal certificate. the clerk at the records section found the names of my brother and sister -- but mine was nowhere to be found. i called my mother and verified her claim. "you're born in balut, tondo, anak, and baptized in san rafael." when i told her about my missing record, all she said was, "be patient, anak."

ok, so life is unfair, again. now i have to go to the three churches nearest san rafael, get certificates of no record (interesting... triangulation?), and bring them to the archbishop's office in intramuros so they can issue another certificate which will prompt san rafael to reconstruct my baptismal certificate.

the cause of all these woes is simple: my parents didn't double-check the spelling of my name when it was being typed in my birth certificate.

what, for the life of me, were they thinking then? playing around with fancy, complicated names ("oh i like this and that, and let's add this and that"), and then leaving my fate to a half-literate typist?

and come baptism day, my parents again left my fate to the wind -- not even bothering to check with the parish if my records were correct, or existent, for that matter.

"so what other requirements should i bring with me?"

"... that's about it. oh, you must bring a baptismal photo."

what the...

"... you do have a baptismal photo, don't you?"

"my first photo was taken when i was already two years old."


indeed, one can learn a lot from their parents.

March 07, 2005


like firelflies
in the fading light of dusk
they pass me by
fooling me into dream world
where i cast a light of my own
let me close my eyes
and wake up to reality
to find the light of dawn
with a single firefly
resting in my hand.

March 03, 2005


somewhere on my way home last sunday evening, i felt something i haven't felt before -- that worry of dying.

the feeling kept me awake during the entire trip, however sleepy i was. my eyes strained to watch every person nearby, and their every movement.

it was tiring and draining.

the reasons were simple enough: my brush with violence two weeks ago, the recent spate of bombings, and that sudden realization that there's a lot to live for.

but that worrisome feeling is gone now. death is a destiny we all have.

ah! that's about it with death. it'll be life from now on. ^__^