February 11, 2013

The Pope steps down

I don't consider myself as religious, but the news of Pope Benedict XVI resigning drastically changed how I view the Pope and what this title represents.

I grew up in a church led by someone who embodied all my ideas of Catholic holiness in the modern world. Just praying before his tomb is easily one of the most memorable moments of my Catholic life.

Because of this resignation, the title Pope has been reduced to a mere occupation, instead of a calling, a destiny, and a symbol that one carry and fulfill till their last breath.

Anyway, it's within his rights to resign should he deem himself not physically, psychologically and spiritually capable of performing his duties. God bless Pope Benedict XVI.

February 10, 2013

PW revisited

Perfect World PH is the only MMORPG left in my laptop after another round of hard disk cleanup -- something I do every now and then to try streamlining my life.

I still can't bring myself to completely say goodbye to it, even if it has been almost six months since I logged-in.

So I took a peek today at my Hun Ling (HL), just to check what's new in the game.

In the few minutes I was logged on, I saw people riding lobsters, floating fishes, and Harley Davidson motorbikes -- just among the new mounts introduced in the game. I also saw wings that I'm totally unfamiliar with.

The item mall is brimming with new fashions and items. Thanks to the game's fitting room feature, you don't need to spend real cash to see how the new costumes would look on your character.

And if the China server is any indication, the PH server is still opening up to many wonderful things.

As expected, my level 69 HL is now without a clan. Can't blame them -- gaming has elevated to near-celebrity status, so to achieve gaming fame the clans have to be in tiptop shape all the time. There are no rooms for slackers.

Well, nothing much to do but go through a couple of quests, and take some snapshots. Here are all four of the HL's avatar.

Avatar of the War Lord. Great for physical damage and stun.

Avatar of the Storm Mother. Deals magic damage.

Avatar of the Life Giver. Excellent shield caster and damage absorber.

Avatar of Chaos Bringer. Requires 2 chi flares to use, and lasts only for 20 seconds. But can dish out amazing fire damage.

February 09, 2013


My mother is safe back home after spending a day and a half bonding with her college buddies. This is their second time to reunite after over 45 years since their graduation at PNU.

It began last year when four of them found one another in fezbuk (cue that nice FB moment music here) and decided to meet up for an afternoon of kwentuhan in Cavite. There they agreed to find the others, and make it an annual event.

And after a year of searching, last Thursday *drum roll please*, there are now five of them. My mom flew all the way to Manila to meet the same three people as last year, and another balikbayan.

I won't go into the details at the trouble my mother went through to see her college buddies. For someone with so many responsibilities, I'm amazed at the importance she gives to reconnecting with old friends.

And in some ways, it inspired me, too.

I wasn't able to attend my high school reunion last month. Too much work, I guess. It's election year.

But, of course, it would have been possible had I really, really wanted to.

The buzz in the batch's private fezbuk chat says 2016 is the next reunion.


Another election year.