September 12, 2011

Ten years ago

I can't remember exactly what time it was when I heard the news, or how.

I do remember that the sky outside the window next to my desk was somewhat bright. Was it morning? Or early afternoon?

And then I remember tuning to YM to get hold of Cez.

Thankfully she was online. I remember some parts of our chat where she mentioned that she can see the smoke from where she was when it happened.

At that moment, that she was chatting with me already was such a tremendous relief.

Our conversation was all a blur to me now. But she remembers everything clearly.

I can only recall the horrific feeling as we watched the news at the office. It was surreal.

And I pray that nothing like that ever happen again to any people any where.

September 10, 2011

The ber phenomenon

Major TV networks wasted no time demonstrating just how early Christmas is in this country.

But somehow the first thing that came out my mouth that early September 1 morning, when I heard the Christmas carol, was

"Anak ng..."

It's not for lack of that feel-good, Christmas feeling. At my age, I think I've already succeeded in fooling myself that every day is Christmas and Valentines day.

It's that time of the year when the basic indicators for petty crimes -- robbery, theft/break-in, and physical violence -- take an upward trend.

And there's a fast-growing trend in crime in the metro: underage offenders. Every year these untouchables are bolder, more violent, and more creative.

Before, you might only worry about parting with your meal when youngsters gather around you, asking for your take-out drinks and Jolly cheeseburger. These days, you have to worry about your personal safety around kids that move in groups.

The "bukas-kotse" routine in Guadalupe along EDSA is just a sample of how the underage offenders have evolved. They know exactly they are immune from criminal prosecution.

This gives the line "Christmas is for children" a whole new meaning.

And I just don't like it. Anak ng...

September 04, 2011

My Miss U answers ^^

I'm going to take on Cez's suggestion to answer the three questions posed to Miss Universe candidates in their web interview.

Here goes. ^^

1. Do you believe in life on other planets?

Yes! Somewhere in the vast universe exist other systems that have the right conditions to support life. I'm also a great believer that there are highly intelligent lifeforms out there.

2.a Original version: What advantage do women have over men?

More superior physiological and emotional resilience. Most women have better immune systems that allow them to be highly resistant to diseases, and they have more efficient ways of coping with emotional stress. If I'm to write a science fiction novel, I see women as the key to mankind's survival.

2.b Revised version: What advantage do men have over women?

The dividing line is slowly fading, but men are still better suited in dealing with danger -- whether as an aggressor or protector, hopefully the latter. It is still a vital role in the rise and fall of societies. And whether the data showing more men dying of non-health related deaths is an indicator of men's adventurous spirit or just plain stupidity, the fact is that men will be where the action is.

3. If you were an animal, what will you be and why?

Tiger. Power and grace rolled into one, with a character that is designed to be independent. Tigers are usually solitary hunters, and are also capable of living in harmony with others in small units.

I thank you. Bow. Toink.

September 03, 2011

My three bets

Of the Miss Universe web interviews I've watched, here are three of my favorites based on how they expressed themselves: Miss Malaysia (Deborah Henry), Miss Indonesia (Nadine Ames), and yeah, Miss Philippines (Shamcey Supsup). ^^

September 02, 2011

Dune addiction (again)

While I search for a copy of the Sandworms of Dune, I might as well check out the second series of Dune, beginning with Dune: House Corrino (yeah, this is not following the sequence of the trilogy, but what the heck).


Speaking of beginning something, my wife's need to overhaul her diet spurred me to re-learn three very simple dishes: apan-apan (adobong kangkong), pinamal-han (paksiw?), and laswa (sinabawan).

Thanks to Nanay for the quick review on the last two dishes. ^^