April 04, 2015

New Gen

Last week, as I was briefing the Board on how the mother station is doing on social media, one of the Fellows-Board Members commented, "Facebook is the new religion."

That Fellow of ours is no other than the marketing guru of the Philippines, Lolo Ned.

If there are people who could look at Philippine culture now and summarize it in one sentence, I believe Lolo Ned is one of them.

I'm not so fond of fezbook and other social media sites, but I try to learn as much about them as part of work. Just another task for mother station's "communications guy."

The social media are as fascinating as they are, at times, scary -- just like the new generations called Millennials and Gen Zs.

Now I really sound old.

These youngsters have been entering the workplace in the past five years, and I've been trying to carefully find ways to harness their unique approaches to productivity.

I say carefully, because these youngsters have a completely different set of values when it comes to work, compared to a Gen X like me.

And here's a thought...

It is estimated that by 2016, over half of the voter population in the Philippines would be below 30 years old.

Remember the people who made noise in social media, saying Ferdinand Marcos was the best president ever?


They are from this group.

The void quarter

There's a void quarter in my life.

The entire last quarter of 1997,  lost.

Everything -- notes, pictures, journal, files -- both personal and work.

The only proof of my existence at that time were the few entries I made in this blog.

It's just like the void century in One Piece.

I don't like the feeling of losing that much data.