January 29, 2011

After twenty

January 14, 2011: SDHSA's Batch 1991 hit the streets at the Kalibo Ati-atihan festival. More photos at Facebook.
2011 is sure quick to show how eventful a year it will be. It’s only January and already it got me to several events, each proving to be very memorable.

The first was the high school reunion.

If you ask me what part of my life I consider the happiest, you can bet that I will say… yes, marrying my wife. ^^

That, and high school.

You see, there are perks to going though high school brain-dead: I only had the good times and none of the emo stuffs that come with growing pains. In high school I learned, in college and thereafter I understood.

After twenty years, I realize that I am still learning, and still catching on with understanding.

The things I learned during the reunion were mostly about three things: who’s got a crush on whom, who went out with whom, and who went out with whom after graduation.

But the difference with this experience now is that understanding isn’t that difficult, and there was none of that uncomfortable feeling anymore.

January 15, 2011: At Saylo club and restaurant in Kalibo. Photo courtesy of Toto Tonel-M.
It was wonderful seeing over twenty of my old classmates. Very briefly I slipped into that long lost high school personality (or was it even lost?) – revisiting old memories – before bringing everything back to the present time and life.

I’m glad I went home for the reunion. I regret having hesitations earlier, mainly because of work. But in the end the experience was priceless.

I hope more can attend the fuller event next year.


The other delightful events that made my visit to Aklan worth every while were the chance to see four siblings pull the most elaborate and wonderful surprise for their mother in celebration of her retirement, and my mother’s family reunion in Batan.

Happy times. ^^

January 16, 2011: With mother-side relatives in Batan.