February 14, 2006

Destiny and Soulmate

The actual questionnaire went as follow:

1) Naniniwala po ba kayo na may isang tao na inilaan ng tadhana para makapiling ninyo na pang habangbuhay?
- Oo, naniniwala sa tadhana
- Hindi naniniwala sa tadhana

2) KUNG OO: Natagpuan na po ba ninyo ang taong ito?
- Natagpuan ko na ang taong ito
- Hindi pa natagpuan ang taong ito

3) KUNG NATAGPUAN NA ANG TAONG ITO: Sino po itong taong ito?
4) KUNG HINDI PA NATAGPUAN ANG TAONG ITO: Kayo po ba ay umaasa pa na matagpuan ninyo ang taong ito?
- Oo, umaasa pa
- Hindi na umaasa pa

Here are the results, which SWS released yesterday at 5 pm.

The release was picked up by some networks last night and today by newspaper. In their write-up, some reported it as "85% of Pinoys believe in soulmates..."


While it was not the questionnaire's intention to ask about the concept of soulmate per se, and the media are so welcome to interpret it as such (kanya-kanyang opinyon lang yan, as we always say), I personally believe destiny and soulmates could be one and, at the same time, two totally different concepts (or persons).

I believe a soulmate could be anyone -- a friend, your mother or father, a family member, or even a stranger you have yet to meet.

Lucky are those who get to meet their soulmates, and never lose them as they grow old.

Blessed are those who end up marrying them.

And destiny...

Well, destiny is destiny.

Anlabo no?

Happy Valentine's Day na lang. ^^

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