November 13, 2009


Aside from my own (oops haha), there are a few names that I regularly search over the internet for news and updates.

And even fewer names that I search every now and then, for over five years now, with hopes of somehow getting an idea how these people are doing.

Tonight there's one name off that list, thanks to FB.

The nickname used is different, but the face in the gray photo belongs to a person I used to know so well.


Back in high school, every batch's natural enemy/rival would either be the immediate upper batch, or the immediate lower batch, or both.

This rivalry, of course, is just there as it is every batch's struggle to gain prestige. Matters of the heart, however, usually ignore this.

Thanks to a tip at fezbook, I had a glimpse of what went on at the lovefront in the batch below us.

Haha! Memories.

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