December 02, 2008

The disease lives on

If I remember correctly, my first taste of the disease was Live AIDS 9, when Adrian invited me to watch this annual musical-comedy series by UP SAMASKOM.

I got hooked. Watching Live AIDS has then become a staple annual activity that Joan and I look forward to, even if we've been missing it a lot in the recent years.

Thanks to a colleague and former housemate, Ai, and her sis Aims, we were able to watch Live AIDS Silver: The UP Centennial Edition last Sunday at the UP Theater.

Except for the schedule (which is typically slotted somewhere 1st-2nd quarter of the year) and the bigger stage (they brought in an Ikot jeep onstage), nothing has changed -- the production still bursts with that energy, sound, and color that are distinctively SAMASKOM.

And since it's the University's centennial celebration, the theme mostly revolved around the good and bad of being an Isko and being in UP.

Anyway, I just wonder what the 5-year old kid, seated near the front row, thought when he saw the re-enactment of the Oblation Run. Haha!

I was left wishing for more biting lines on the government and other contemporary issues, but nonetheless the whole production refreshed that old UP pride in me.

Congrats, SAMASKOM, for another darn good show!

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