September 12, 2011

Ten years ago

I can't remember exactly what time it was when I heard the news, or how.

I do remember that the sky outside the window next to my desk was somewhat bright. Was it morning? Or early afternoon?

And then I remember tuning to YM to get hold of Cez.

Thankfully she was online. I remember some parts of our chat where she mentioned that she can see the smoke from where she was when it happened.

At that moment, that she was chatting with me already was such a tremendous relief.

Our conversation was all a blur to me now. But she remembers everything clearly.

I can only recall the horrific feeling as we watched the news at the office. It was surreal.

And I pray that nothing like that ever happen again to any people any where.

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Cecilia said...

This is why you're a great friend. Thanks much for this. Perhaps if I was blogging already then, I would've blogged about it. (Was blogging already going on at the time? I remember having a personal website.)

Most of us seem to have very distinct memories of that day - whether you're in the US or elsewhere. Such a highly-charged event was definitely bound to stick in our minds. Goodness, I still remember the smoke. But like you, I pray that it never, EVER happens again.