April 04, 2008

Reality unlimited

My two-year old nephew loves to watch television THIS close. Tsk tsk. Not good for the eyes. No no no.

I heard the rumors about the Australian blogger who’s been revealing alleged secrets about some well-known Philippine personalities way before I saw ABS-CBN Gigi Grande’s interview with the blogger himself, Mr. Brian Gorrell.

I decided to take a look at the blog yesterday, and half an hour of browsing the entries and comments left me a bit dizzy.

Whew! Talk about waging war on an entirely different level – the kind that needed only one bullet to be fired for an exponentially widespread effect. The feedback mechanism of this medium makes it even more potent.

How you see and what you do with the all the info is, as always, entirely up to you.


Sigh. Ramiele Malubay sang her final song for AI.


Oh well, that’s one less TV show from my ever-changing watchlist.

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