June 10, 2004

on Life's lessons and moving on...

there is always a price for everything...
in the lull moments in between problems come the joys of freedom and the chance to indulge in life's simple pleasures, albeit brief. and in those lull moments i take the chance to check the integrity of my shields for the storms that Life throw our way in the most unexpected times.
this time, though, i have neglected my shields. i have spread myself too thin, falling short of addressing the things that matter the most and carry great consequences.
i have yet to see what price i'll have to pay for this. but, as always, the assurance is there that what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger.
my pRO merchant chanced upon another who was selling emperium at a ridiculously low price. i thought my sin would look cool if i place an emblem below his name. so now my sin is a guildmaster of Legion of X (i dunno yet why i chose this name). :D
but this is not about the guild. what struck me is that most of my pRO friends have either moved to another server, or completely gave up playing. i was too busy leveling up to even notice they're no longer there.
and so aside from a guild with only the master in it, this whole incident left me with a thought of those who come and go in our lives, however brief, lasting, shallow or profound. here lies the thrill of looking forward to life -- the chance of crossing paths with them again.
the ones i hold close will never be lost, wherever they are. to the ones who keep me in the graces of their friendship, however i unintentionally ignore, hurt, or neglect them, you have my eternal gratitude. :D

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