June 11, 2011

On connections, and our good friend Mr. Penn

Since I got the 3G broadband wireless router at home, my old gadgets have been flexing their dusty Wi-Fi muscle: Sony PSP, Tungsten TX, Nokia E52, MSI Megabook VR 320X notebook, and Lenovo S10-2 netbook.

Now, whenever and wherever I am in the house, as long as the router is powered up, I can get connected to the web.


But with all this connectivity, I miss my connection with my family the most.

My daily interaction with my family ended when I started high school. On day one at high school, I lost my daily dose of dinner-time talks with the family, with everyone exchanging tales of how the day went, lending ears to my troublesome issues, giving advice, and keeping my inspiration burning at its brightest.

So I am forever grateful to the generous souls that kept me company around the dinner table at the end of the day for my entire high school life -- the Baylas family and the Badana family. ^^

They made the adjustment so much easier, and fun. ^^


It's been five years since our dear friend Penn passed away. I give thanks for the good man, the good and bad times we shared, and his legacy at the stations.


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