December 29, 2010

Oral history

Forget IPad or IPhone. The first gadget I'm getting myself this 2011 is a handy-dandy video recorder.

It's always a treat listening to my father-in-law share his life experience. This morning he recounted with great detail the story behind his signature "bao"(Hiligaynon for turtle) or the turtle power tiller.

By the time we finished our morning coffee, I learned about the person who first patented the bao, how my father-in-law worked his way around that patent to come up with his own design, how these patents work, and the names behind the pioneers of mechanized farming in Panay.

Throughout his sharing one could piece together the kind of life he's lead, and how it explains his current relationship with his children.

Priceless nuggets of wisdom, as well as stinging jabs at us and the rest of today's generation -- each time I hear them I wish I could capture them verbatim.

So there, the first item in my electronic wishlist for 2011. ^^

IPad would probably be second.

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