October 31, 2008

The shoe box

It started with a plastic syringe, still sealed in its sterile packaging.

I remember buying it from Mercury Philcoa in the middle of the night for something it was not meant for. I bought it so I could feed a kitten found near Sunrise Cottage.

But I never got to use it. The kitten died the next morning.

Next to the syringe was a logo patch, taken from the gi I used to wear. It has a sort of yin-yang with a red circle in the center. Funny how I never paid attention to its design back when I was still wearing it.

Stuffed among the seemingly random items was a plastic bag with pieces of torn paper, already discolored and soggy from humidity. I wonder if I could still put them together and see the sketches again.

There were more.

Amazing how much an old shoe box can hold.

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dyoonet said...

Aww that's sad. Poor kitty. :(