July 30, 2008


The President's 8th State of the Nation Address was applauded 102 or 104 times, according to reports, of which the loudest was allegedly on the President's statement, "Texting is a way of life. I asked the telecoms to cut the cost of messages between networks. They responded. It is now down to 50 centavos."

But reports later on pointed out that this price cut in text messaging is only up to October 2008.

A promo? In the SONA?

See poster and print ads for details?

Oh well, just text away, then, and hope it becomes permanent.

There are much, much more crucial matters than this.


A silent countdown has begun in my head. It's again that time of the year.

This alarm goes off around a month before I turn a year older, and I tend to start seeing and doing things a little differently.

The changes are too small to notice. Nevertheless, I feel that a month from now, these small changes will be my very own birthday surprise for myself.


Yet another item in my list of never-to-do-again in driving.

I know it's foolish to think our eight-year old AUV is some sort of an amphibious vehicle capable of going through the flooded streets of Manila last July 16, at the height of Typhoon Helen.

But somehow I did (blame it on that very important deadline at work), and I'm still thanking my lucky stars I didn't get stuck at EspaƱa Avenue that morning. I don't know if I could ever get over the shame if that happened.

I have to admit, though, it was satisfying to see the disappointment in the faces of the Tulak Boys following me through the flood, waiting for my ride to stall, drown, or something.

Not today, guys.

Then again, maybe it's a matter of time before my luck runs out.

*Knock on wood*


Very soon my friends will find out if legends can be broken.

Ohoho! This will be fun!


Tick-tock... ^^

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