July 19, 2007

The next (de)generation

The MRT is full of Dementors lately.

These creatures have amazing agility. They can outrun and outmaneuver anyone, including elderly women, to get seated.

And once seated, they could be the fastest sleepers you'll ever encounter. Record time would be 10 seconds on a full-packed train.

Funny how they tire so easily, despite their age and strong-looking physique.

They are those who are blind, and can't distinguish an old lady from everyone else, even if they're standing in front of them.

They suck me dry of happy thoughts every morning each day, depriving me of the joys I usually get during my transit to and from work.

Normally there would only be one or two them, appearing sparsely throughout the week. Somehow, after a year of living in Makati, I learned to counter whatever dark aura they leave behind.

But this week is different. There's a new breed of Dementors. They are young, but just as blind and weak.

The horde I saw this morning was something I least expected. They carry books, and I saw one that has that oh-so familiar green, gold, and maroon sticker logo.

How sad.

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