October 05, 2004

of luck, mooncakes, and cinnamon

the office will hold its annual mooncake festival this afternoon. i still haven't won grand prize -- that gigantic hopia called chong wan (?) -- after *ubouboubo* years. maybe my luck doesn't include rolling of dice -- just as i am with any form of gambling (i play some card games and can actually win, but somehow when there's money involved, i would either lose or break even). my luck with small time raffles is average, i guess. let's see... within *ubouboubo* years, i've won a washing machine, a second-hand computer, two oven toasters, two electric fans...
oh well, that's just luck. it's life's blessings that i'm always thankful for.
last weekend, my housemate showed me that a little cinnamon powder can jazz up your ice-cold milo drink, and it's also an alternative to salt when you lick-shoot-and-suck tequila. lip-smacking good!! XD

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